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Skier's History For:
Teagan Bryce
15-Feb-192019 Qld State Championships18Womens 23,56800,0
19-Jan-192019 Sth QLD Jan Tournament18Womens 23,15900,0
01-Dez-182018 Sth QLD December Tournament17Womens 20,04900,0
29-Sep-182018 STH QLD Moree Tournament17Junior Girls3,80
14-Apr-182018 Holland Sheild17Junior Girls3,3550
14-Apr-182018 Stekelenburg Junior Shield17Junior Girls3,3550
09-Apr-182018 Australian Barefoot Championships17Junior Girls3,3550
16-Feb-182018 Queensland State Championships17Junior Girls3,350
13-Jan-182018 Sth QLD Canungra Tournament17Junior Girls3,22400,0
16-Dez-172017 Sth QLD Xmas Tournament16Junior Girls3,14000,0
03-Dez-172017 Sth Qld Bushys Tournament16Junior Girls3,300,0
18-Nov-172017 Sth QLD Tournament 516Junior Girls3,21900,0
05-Nov-172017 Sth QLD November Tournament16Junior Girls2,91900,0
25-Apr-172017 Australian Championships16Junior Girls3,3240
24-Apr-172017 Australian Junior Shield16Junior Girls3,3240
26-Mrz-172017 Nationals Rating Tournament16Junior Girls2,9340
04-Mrz-172017 AU Kurwongbah STH QLD Tournament 516Junior Girls2,81400,0
11-Feb-172017 QLD State Titles Canungra Aus16Junior Girls3,1340
21-Jan-172017 Canungra STH QLD Tournament 416Junior Girls2,9140
10-Dez-162016 AU Canungra STH QLD Tournament 315Junior Girls2,61400,0
19-Nov-162016 AU Canungra STH QLD Tournament 215Junior Girls0,0340
24-Sep-162016 AU Canungra STH QLD Tournament 115Junior Girls2,61400,0
29-Mrz-162016 Australian National Championships 201615Junior Girls2,8320
05-Dez-152016 Queensland Barefoot Championships14Junior Girls3,1250
21-Nov-152015 Sth QLD Tournament 514Junior Girls3,51000,0
24-Okt-152015 Sth QLD Tournament 314Junior Girls2,81700,0
03-Okt-152015 Sth Qld Tournament 214Junior Girls0,0500,0
21-Mrz-152015 QLD State Championships14Sub Junior Girls2,22000,0
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