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Skier's History For:
Clay Grono
23-Feb-192019 WA State Championships41Sen. Mens7,010800,0
09-Feb-192019 WA Pre States41Mens 24,818800,0
14-Apr-182018 Holland Sheild40Mens7,69807,8
09-Apr-182018 Australian Barefoot Championships40Mens 27,69807,8
17-Mrz-182018 NSW State Titles40Mens 27,915508,5
10-Feb-182018 NSW February Tournament40Mens 28,311408,1
19-Jan-182018 NSW January Tournament40Mens 27,118805,8
11-Nov-172017 NSW November Tournament39Mens 28,715207,4
21-Okt-172017 NSW October Tournament39Mens 28,77008,2
07-Okt-172017 Peter Taylor Memorial Tournament39Mens 28,21060
08-Apr-172017 NSW State Titles39Mens 28,412007,1
11-Mrz-172017 NSW March Tournament39Mens 28,410806,0
25-Feb-172017 NSW Forbes Tournament39Mens 27,811800,0
14-Jan-172017 NSW January Tournament390,000,0
29-Mrz-162016 Australian National Championships 201638Mens 26,918307,2
19-Mrz-162016 NSW State Titles 19th and 20th March38Mens 27,610705,6
04-Mrz-162016 NSW Pre State Titles38Mens 25,700,0
06-Feb-162016 NSW Forbes Tournament38Mens 28,011000,0
23-Jan-162016 NSW January Tournament38Mens 26,710800,0
05-Dez-152015 NSW December Tournament37Mens 28,08500,0
24-Okt-152015 October Tournament37Mens 22,53900,0
07-Feb-152014 Forbes Tournament37Mens 26,66000,0
24-Jan-152015 Australia NZ Challenge January37Mens 37,910100,0
22-Nov-142014 NSW Nov Tournament36Mens III8,37700,0
25-Okt-142014 NSW October Tournament36mens III0,000,0
21-Apr-032003 Australian Championships25Mens 28,021209,8
27-Mrz-012001 Australian Championships23Mens 29,214409,1
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