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 Slalom Scores For:
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Event Date

DivisionNameRnd 1Rnd 2Rnd 3Overall
Junior BoysWait, Christian7,47,70,0452,94
Junior BoysRusso, Tee-Jay17,00,00,01000,00
Junior GirlsMcClung, Elaina9,79,00,01000,00
MensRogers, Connor10,49,20,01000,00
Mens 2Murray, Kevin8,37,60,0892,47
Mens 2Wait, Robbie9,30,00,01000,00
Mens 3Keen, Gary8,17,70,01000,00
Mens 3Jefferay, Mark6,67,60,0935,80
Mens 3Bell, Sam6,87,50,0925,93
Mens 3Coffill, Dean2,92,60,0361,73
Sen. MensRusso, Trevor6,610,10,01000,00
Sub Junior BoysTresidder, Lachlan8,28,70,01000,00
Sub Junior BoysRaglus, Mike8,66,90,0994,22
Sub Junior BoysWait, Riley3,40,00,0387,28
Sub Junior GirlsKeen, Charlotte2,42,60,01000,00
Sub Junior GirlsKeen, Elle2,11,90,0794,57
Super Vet. MensParsons, Mark7,87,80,01000,00
Vet. MensTresidder, Ian4,14,50,0914,29
Vet. MensHarries, Paul2,22,30,0465,31
Vet. MensHall, Tim4,90,00,01000,00
Vet. WomensTresidder, Katrina1,11,30,01000,00

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