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2017 PGA Season Opener
Date: 22-Apr-17      Class: RC
Location: C-18 Canal, Palm Beach Gardens - FL  ,   USA

The following Officials recieve credit  for participating in the event.
Tournament DirectorForster, Jim1   
Chief JudgeStevens, Dale R1   
Judge-BoatGroen, Ben   1
Judge-BoatLee, Jason  11
Judge-BoatMcCombie, Arron   1
Judge-BoatMolepske, Michael  12
Judge-BoatStevens, Dale R 112
Judge-BoatStorman, Brice  12
DockStarterCaruso, Michael "Dad"  12
DockStarterOsborn, Eliis  11
DockStarterStorman, Brice   1
Chief DriverForster, Jim1   
DriverGodfrey, Duane 112
DriverGroen, Ben  11
DriverMolepske, Michael   1
Chief ScorerGilman, Betsy1   
ScorerWalter, Logan  24
Chief SafetyMcWatters, Christopher1   
SwimmerHenderson, Brad   1
SwimmerTremblay, Leonard   1
HomologatorMolepske, Michael1   
VideographerEaton, Sammi   2
VideographerLippelgoos, Stefan  1 
VideographerMoyes, Richard  12


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