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2017 NSW Forbes Tournament
Date: 25-Feb-17      Class: L
Location: Lake Forbes, Forbes - NSW  ,   AUS

The following Officials recieve credit  for participating in the event.
Chief JudgeRusso, Sue1  
Asst. Chief JudgeHall, Tim1  
Judge-BoatChattaway, Brendon 1 
Judge-BoatHall, Tim 62
Judge-BoatHoy, Carly 21
Judge-BoatMcClung, Elaina 31
Judge-BoatMurray, Kevin 31
Judge-BoatParsons, Mark 41
Judge-BoatRogers, Connor 31
Judge-BoatRogers, Dennis 31
Judge-BoatRusso, Sue 62
Judge-BoatRusso, Tee-Jay 31
Judge-BoatRutledge, Joshua 31
Chief DriverChattaway, Brendon1  
DriverChattaway, Brendon 21
DriverGrono, Clay 31
DriverJefferay, Mark 31
DriverRusso, Trevor 31
Chief ScorerMurray, Kevin1  


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